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Help! I shed like crazy! Any tips to reduce hair loss?

I have really thick, long hair but lately I've been losing it like crazy. I am a vegetarian so that may be the problem but I've been a veg for three years and my shedding just started. I'm definitely starting to notice my hair thinning out and I'm starting to panic. Help!


Help! I shed like crazy! Any tips to reduce hair loss?

Protein never hurt anyone. Grab some cans of tuna and go nuts. Veg may seem like a good idea, but don't miss out on the many health benefits of fish and lean meat.

Help! I shed like crazy! Any tips to reduce hair loss?

actually you need more iron in your blood thats why people shed. normally people only shed about 100 strands of hair a day, any more than that means low iron in bloodstream; i know i have to take iron pills and eat stuff full of iron

Help! I shed like crazy! Any tips to reduce hair loss?

If you are a vegi person, eat more beans, they are high in protein. You are most likely not eating right. Extreme hair loss is something that happens to people who are anorexic all though it can happen jsut because of a lock of something in your diet. DO you take vitamins???? YOu should if you dont get some meat.

Help! I shed like crazy! Any tips to reduce hair loss?

You need more protein, which is in meat. But since you don't eat meat... Try some protein pills or smoothies from jamba juice or any other smoothie shop. And if/when you get a smoothie from jamba juice, you can get a shot of protein in it. They put the protein powder in and mix it in the smoothie and you can't even taste it! Although the protein shots are ONLY at jamba juice... Don't worry! Stress also causes hair loss, so the more you stress the less hair you have. Hope this helps!!!

Help! I shed like crazy! Any tips to reduce hair loss?

There are too many people that will adivise the Cosmetic products in order to create a view that it will all help...This sort of issue should and must be treated internally not externally...That won't be the one long-lasting i am utterly confident about...

You need a ZINK that your body does lack with..So along with it you have to use a BIOLAGE products paralelly to re-new the skull skin. However...That's an internal problem you have to take into account carefully...

For the massage you can treat your skull with a Liquid Nitrogen that should be applied upon the skull's skin with dabbing motions in order to revitalize the hair roots. Beauty Parlour's must be offering it i presume...In Russia yes..I don't know anything about your country...

Help! I shed like crazy! Any tips to reduce hair loss?

It is normal to lose up to %26amp; around 100 hairs a day! Most people dont even notice this loss.

Stress can commonly cause hair try to reduce stress %26amp; anxiety in your life.

Also simple things can reduce hair loss:

*Dont wash your hair as often if it doesnt need it.

*Wash %26amp; condition you hair GENTLY, it makes a difference!

*Wrap hair in towel to remove excess water or towel dry GENTLY.

*Comb through damp hair to remove tangles, starting at the ends first, gradually working your way to the crown.

*Leave your hair to air dry as often as you can.

N.B. If this doesnt reduce hair-loss see your doctor, there are medical conditons causing hair-loss also.

Help! I shed like crazy! Any tips to reduce hair loss?

You may need protein. Also, the change in your hormones can cause this.

And one more idea, how are you wearing your hair? You can pull it back to tight for to long and it will cause some major problems.

Hope this helps :)

Help! I shed like crazy! Any tips to reduce hair loss?

It's definitely protiene, as I'm sure you guessed from the answers above. I had the same problem, but I got protiene powder to make protiene shakes at home. It should sell at any discount store (Wal-mart, Publix, etc.) or even a local gym. Blend together some orange juice, a couple scoops of Sorbet icecream and 2 scoops of the protiene powder and blend till it's like a smoothy. Works well, and it's healthy!

Help! I shed like crazy! Any tips to reduce hair loss?

My dear i will give you my advice but you might laugh at me but i assure you it will work as it did for me . its kind of a special mix i made that consist of the following :

1) 2 table spoon of pure honey

2) 2 tea spoon of powder Cinnamon.

3) 5 table spoon of pure olive oil "extra virgin"

4) 2 tea spoon of mayonnaise "not the light"

mix up the following together and put it on your hand and rub it deep into your sculpt and if you do't notice a change in a two weeks I will shave mine to zero :)

this mix is Arabian mix and well done and guaranteed to work nothing is chemical thats whats good about it.

Have you ever seen how the Arabian girl look like just take a look at their hair and you will be amazed. stop taking all these product of the counter its all BS do what i said and you wont regret it.

hope that helps


Hair loss problem?

I am 29yrs old and 5'3", I am having hair loss problem. My hair is too dry, rough and curly. Whenever I comb my hair, shampoo and especially while conditioning, it comes out like hell. I consulted the doctor, he gave me some medicine like appearex and some derma oil to put in my scalp and even medicated shampoo, i started using this but it didn't help me. Doctor even did blood test every thing came normal but my DHEA Sulphate (related to hormones) was high, he didn't even told me what to do. I don't no what to do, I have lost half of my hair. Please give me some suggestions.

Hair loss problem?

I would suggest taking prenatal pills to help your body get vitamins which also will help your hair to grow faster, be careful when you brush your hair and start from the bottom and work your way up, Also I wouldnt wash my hair every day instead do it every other day and try not to pull it back tightly as it does stress the hair and the scalp/hair. Wash your hair with egg this will also give it some extra protein.

Hair loss problem?

Massage aloe Vera gel over the scalp,leave it for about one hour.After this rinse the hair with warm water.It gives excellent results for hair loss if one uses this massage at least 3-4 times a week. Check out for more info.

Its shedding or losing???????????

i'm 20 and i'm losing a lot of my hairs.......why is it so???

Its shedding or losing???????????

Loss of hair is come what common now. Due to high level of stress, lack of balanced diet, more pollution in and around use, reduced fresh air. Use of creams and dyes and Strong chemical do cause harm.

you are 20 does not rule out balding in very rare cases balding can begin at early age.

Now coming to what u can do to reduce the fall - have good balanced healthy food increase food like Amla ( Vita c) fresh fruits and veg in diet

Can take vit E for a very short period

best see a homoeopathic dr in ur area and take medicine, in addition to it can use arinca hair oil

Breathing exercise help good oxygenation and reduce stress so have double effect.

Can use Swami Ram dev recommended reflexology method of rubbing the nails of palms together for 5 mint every day first 3 mints every day then can reduce to 3 time a week. ( women must not rub the thumb nails)

A good oil massage of the scalp will increase blood supply to the hair and boost hair growth

Hair help ladies [shiny hair]?

.okay so i have lose curls in my hair and i need something to make my curls look nice and not frizzy

.i also need something to make my hair shinny when i straiten it and yes i have a chibut my hait never reflect light it is just kinda poofy and DRY.

.i need something to moisterize my hair bad

.i need it to growwwww

thanks guys

Hair help ladies [shiny hair]?

for ur curls use curl activator from TREsemme

for shiny hair, use TREsemme hair shine spray

for mosturisation use sunsilk leave-in conditioner

if u wanna grow it u have to make sure that it reaches its full length in a healthy way by doing weekly deep conditioning and hot-oiling

Hair help ladies [shiny hair]?

i think the best would be garnier fructis dry or damaged hair.

Hair help ladies [shiny hair]?

Well you could just buy shampoo and conditioner that makes it shine, pantene has a line that does that. If it is to frizzy just buy some spray conditoner and spray it into your hair and dont comb but just play with yur hair and massage through. Should make it less frizzy and a little shiny too.

Hair help ladies [shiny hair]?

Garnier(spelling?) has a hairspray that makes it shiny. its about $4. and try using leave in conditoner also. it really helps soften ur hair. and as for enhancing ur curls, use scrunching gel. dont brush ur hair after u come outta the shower, and let it air dry. then scrunch it. it looks really pretty and takes about 10 minutes depending on ur hair legnth. i like herbal essence scrunching gel.

Hair help ladies [shiny hair]?

You have to trim is once in a while or your hair will think it doesn't need to grow!!?

stop straightening!! just enhance your curls.. Tigi bedhead has a great serum that tames frizziness, it's called control freak serum

Loreal Elvive's got these new shampoos, the pink one enhances shine and the yellow one Eva Longaria advertizes controls frizziness..

They do work and smell great

Hair help ladies [shiny hair]?

go to a salon and ask or call in if your shy they will tell you for free.

and u answered one of my questions

I'm 13 no job lol my mom gives me a 1000 for school and stuff to start the new school year off with clothes


If a woman of another race does your hair, and ruins it.......?

Am I racist if I say please do not ever do another ethnics group hair EVER again if you do not know how.....I lost 4 inches of my hair and it was turned orange...I was accused of having bad ethics by the salon owner when I said what is written up above. I later called the licensing board and found out the woman who ruined my hair has an expired license...I was cussed out when I told her on the phone that I knew and wanted $ back...

If a woman of another race does your hair, and ruins it.......?

Hopefully you reported her and the shop to the licensing board. Not for messing up your hair, but for working w/o a license.

I would also file a report to the Better Business Bureau.

You aren't a racist unless you associated her race to her skill level. Associating your own race with particular hair care needs is simply acknowledging that you have needs that were not met.

If they were professional you should have been able to assume that they would either know how to do your hair, OR they would state that they did not before they did anything.

If a woman of another race does your hair, and ruins it.......?

Racist, I don't know, stupid yes, you didn't ask to see if she was a colour specialist. And if you felt uncomfortable with her, you should have stopped her then. Don't ever pay for something you don't like. and after you found out her license had expired, take her to small claims court. Report It

If a woman of another race does your hair, and ruins it.......?

I don't understand why race has anything to do with it. A lady messed up your hair... it doesnt matter if the lady was black or white, latino or indian, does it?

Maybe by bringing up that it was another race you are infering something racist

If a woman of another race does your hair, and ruins it.......?

i personally am a fan of orange hair mine is right now, but you may not be so if she ruined your hair to that extent take a fefw pics of it incase this gets ugly, go bac and tell them you want your $ back if they refuse try 1 more time and if they are still refusingtell them u will see them in court, ost likely they will pay up if not take them to court, and not because its all about te money because if this person does not have a license to do hair then they should not have a job doing it and this will prolly happen to someother person adn as pissed as i am sure you are about all this you shouldput a stop to it now and not allow it to happen again. and no it does not make you a racis to make a coment like that if it was worded rght, it all dependson how you said it. good luck

If a woman of another race does your hair, and ruins it.......?

I understand where you are coming from in the sense that the physical differences between say African American hair and Caucasion hair are so great that if someone had never worked with one or the other it could truly be disasterous. However, it's unfair to disqualify all hair dressers of other race simply due to one bad experience. Simply asking the hairdresser how much experience he/she has working with your particular type of hair seems like a much better way to go about it.

If a woman of another race does your hair, and ruins it.......?

We're talkin' hair here...... just hair.

Honestly, you gotta get your priorities in order. If you're going to take on a whole race, the least you could do is focus on something a little more controversial.


If a woman of another race does your hair, and ruins it.......?

I've been going to hairdressers for over 50 years, and I still feel guilty when occasionally I've had to decline the services of a black person. I have fine, fly-away hair, which requires a certain skill and experience for it to look OK.

Having said that, the best highlights I've ever had were the work of a 7-foot, booted, dreadlocked Rasta in London! Never found him again, unfortunately.

How much hair loss is normal for a 21 year old.?

I know everyone sheds hair, but i lose a lot. My clothes have at least 25 strands if not more every time i wake up and i am constantly lossing it during the day. It is especially bad when i take a bath or shower. Is this normal or should i call a doctor?

How much hair loss is normal for a 21 year old.?


How much hair loss is normal for a 21 year old.?

Not alot.Some not at all.You inheret hair loss from your family.If you have massive hair loss cuncult a doctor because it can be a sign of cancer.

How much hair loss is normal for a 21 year old.?

It is normal to loose 50 to 80 hair per day

We loose more hair than one can think of

It is just that they don't get noticed

Hair fall %26amp; hair growth is a life long process

How much hair loss is normal for a 21 year old.?

Natural hairloss is up to 130 strands a day, in the hours of the day you lose these hairs without even knowing, if your hair is curly it's dificult to fall out during the day cause it get tangeled with the others. Then when you shower or sleep thats when they get lose from the other hair. Say if you don't wash your hair for 4days and then wash it you can expect 4 x 130 = 520 hairs to fall out. And that's normal.

And don't stress about it, cause stress increase hairloss with almost 50%!

How much hair loss is normal for a 21 year old.?

That happens to me too. Don't worry though, it's completely normal.

What is the solution for grey hair in adolescent age?

i've grey hair since my childhood. and i'm using dyes for the past 3 years. because of that i lost 3/4 of my hair in ihe past three years. can anyone post your suggestion

What is the solution for grey hair in adolescent age?

What can I eat to prevent premature greying?

Eating seafood is possibly one of the best things you can eat to promote all-over hair health. It is rich in zinc, iodine and protein, which are excellent for the hair. So if you enjoy seafood, make it a point to have fish several times a week. Remember that eating canned fish will not give you the same benefits as eating freshly cooked fish. If you don?t eat fish, consider fish-oil supplements.

Iron is good for hair and is found in dark green vegetables, meat and some pulses. If you are unsure about whether you are getting enough iron, include an iron supplement every once in a while in your diet. Remember that too many iron supplements can be bad for you. Women lose iron while menstruating, so perhaps during or after your cycle you can have iron-fortified supplements for a few days.

Eating foods rich in Vitamins B and C will ensure that your hair stays strong, does not break easily, and does not grey early. Pork, vegetables, whole grains, wheat germ, soymilk are all rich sources of Vitamin B, while citrus fruits are excellent sources of Vitamin C. Eating adequate Vitamin C helps increase absorption of iron. Try and have a glass of orange juice daily.

Your hair will never be healthy if you do not drink enough water. Drink at least eight to ten glasses a day.

What oil can I apply to my hair?

Rosemary oil is believed to gradually darken grey hair over a period of time. Soak rosemary leaves along with a few basil (tulsi) leaves, in jojoba oil, for a period of four weeks. Massage your scalp and hair with this oil (after warming it up).

Most oils are not easily absorbed by the hair, which is why you need to leave oil on for at least forty-five minutes. It helps greatly if you steam your hair after applying oil.

Boil dried amla pieces in coconut oil until the pieces turn black and the oil darkens. Apply this oil to the hair. It strengthens hair and prevents greying.

Boil tealeaves in water and rinse your hair with this liquid 20-30 times. Then, leave on for 15-20 minutes before the final rinse.

What else can I do to promote hair health and delay greying?

Washing your hair with very hot water or using hair-dryers excessively weaken roots, and may lead to premature greying. When using a hair-dryer, take care not to point it to your scalp. Similarly, try and wash your hair with cool or lukewarm water.

Will Yoga help?

Inverted yoga poses bring a rush of blood to the scalp. This stimulates circulation and enhances hair health. Do the following poses regularly:

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)



Other easy ways to stimulate circulation are:

When you wash your hair, keep switching from hot water to cold water.

Comb your hair regularly. A hundred strokes every night should do the trick. If your hair is curly, use a wide toothed comb.

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Home Remedies And Treatment

" Amla " is the best cure for grey hair and falling hair. Regular massage of "amla" paste rubbed into the scalp has worked wonders in many cases, frequently reversing the process of greying or falling off of hair.

Massage your hairs with coconut oil and Lemon everyday for at least 15 minutes. There are instances of people having black hairs even up to the age of 60-70 years by using this method.

Take 100 gms of curd. Add about 1 gm of black pepper to it. Mix it well and apply it evenly on the hair and scalp. Keep it for an hour and then wash with warm water and mild shampoo. Do this treatment once a week to see the remarkable difference in the texture and color of your hair . Your hair will become silkier and regular use will also make the hair dandruff-free. Curd helps in curing dandruff and making the hair softer while black pepper helps make the hair black. So one recipe gives 3 benefits - a) dandruff-free hair b) soft and silky hair and c) black hair. Doing this once a week helps in maintaining the hair color and delaying greying to a great extent. This recipe should be avoided by people who have a tendency to catch frequent colds and coughs.

Curd causes a cooling effect on the head and this may worsen a cold situation. .